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We are so excited to bring you "PULSE Premium Handmade Vodka". It's time that you celebrate life, love, success and community with our worldclass "smooth and easy" spirit. We take the extra step to make sure each and every handmade drop is perfect for your every occasion.


Why is "PULSE VODKA" one of the highest quality, premium handmade vodkas?


Because we go the extra step to make sure every delicious drop is "smooth and easy" on the palette and perfect for every occasion. 


Our production and bottling facility has a documented family history going all the way back to 1768. That's correct, over 250 years. We go all the way back to the beginning of American Distilling. Meaning we know what we're doing. One taste, you'll believe as well.

Not to embarrass others or point fingers... but in each and every pre-release taste test against many of the major brands... we won, hands down, every time. It's not bragging. It's just to prove that dedication, hard work and passion for our cause pays off. Our community deserves the best, and its what we are giving. 

Thank you for being a part of the "PULSE Premium Handmade Vodka" family. We appreciate your support and letting us be a part of your celebrations.

It's time to celebrate. It's our time to celebrate. Share life, love, and successes.  All together, we are: 

"One Community ~ One Pulse"

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